Rico, Paulo, Nadia, and Vlado

These names are the people I miss the most during my weekend last week. It started when I had this weird dream last week. In my dream I met Paulo, whew this guy…I miss so much… really. I wasn’t remember the dream clearly, but it’s like I was visiting San Paulo, which is his hometown, one thing for sure when I woke up was I wanna talk, chat again with him, not only with him but with Rico too. Since the last time we chat, it only took less than an hour since I was in a hurry that time.

Then, in the morning, I went to an internet café and start to online, but I didn’t meet any one of them. But when I search about rico, I found that he is registered at a photographers communities, it even shows his picture (most of them are the picture of his hometown, Salvador, Bahia). He really made it, go traveling was his dream and now he made. I really envy him that he could fulfill his dream. He used to tell me about his dream, well it was more less the same with me. Now the different is he managed to fulfill it while I’m still making no step ahead. Feels like a loser when I saw his photos.

When I got home (T_T) at night I took my black book, reading some notes I wrote couples of years ago (whew it’s been 4 years since the first time we know each other). Back then I start to memorize the first time we met….

Ricardo Carvalho Leony, his nickname at mirc that time was RCL, we were at the same age when the first time we met at 2003. I was joined a chat room #soccer. Though there were lots of name to chat with but my mouse just pick him name randomly and say hi. Then we introduced ourselves and chat. Then I know that he was a Brazilian, he sent me a picture of him and his friends. It was a wonderful conversation that day. I’ve never met such a nice person at the cyber. I told him that I’m a muslim, and it was no problem to him. He really appreciate me since he never try to seduce or ask things related that pointing to sexual harassment (well, we know some people are pointing that way when they chat in a cyber world especially in mirc, well it happens a lot right?) he treat me politely. That makes him different.

Then I chat more often with him, do ya know I spent almost 3 hours a day just to chat with him. We have the same passion at that time: Football! Yeah he often told me about his hometown football club who always sucked in every match. Hehehe yeah though they were sucked but he still support them fanatically. But he often complains about it too hahaha. And also about his dream to become a sport journalist (he’s taking the same major with me, communication journalistic). Day by day we were become very close friend although he was across the sea but he’s somehow always encourage me whenever I got down, it feels like a real friend like he’s always there beside me. That’s why when I told him that he’s such a caring and sincere person I’ve ever met. He told me once that he could be someone that I can rely on. To me he’s an important person that I care always up till now. Though since I graduated from university I rare to chat with him online, I wish I could still have him as my best friend ever. Hahaha it was fun when reminiscing all of those time. Last year, he said he was going to Portugal to visit his friends, and when I asked him, will he visit me if he had a chance come to Asia? He promised to visit me if he had enough money to travel to Asia especially to Indonesia. I wish for that day to come. I always wish that I could meet him in person someday, if that ever happen maybe I could be seriously in love with him hahahaha or maybe not…..

Paulo Roberto, is the second best guy I know after Rico. Actually, Rico introduced me to Paulo, and then I try to chat with him too. He’s one year older than me and Rico that time. To me although he’s a bit mysterious person hehehe but he was also as polite as Rico. He sent me a picture of him, and when I saw it, whew he’s a bit like Iker Casillas, the Spanish goalkeeper hahahahaha (for Rico, he looks like Kaka, the Brazilian front man, he is as tall as Kaka with dark hair hahaha)

Paulo, this guy made laugh often, every time I chat with him, and I asked him what he was doing, he always chat “I’m having a cup of tea” so I called him the tea master. He lives in San Paulo. He loves movies a lot, he’s a movie goers. Sometimes I ask him a movie recommendation. I remember that his favorite movie was “The Talented Mr. Ripley” yeah he loves it very much, he told me about the movie since I haven’t watch it that time.

He’s the same with Rico, had the same passion about sports, he often encourage me too. When I had problems, well I had lots of problem that time, I often told him about my problem and he encouraged me. But I didn’t know about him as much as I know about Rico, as I told you earlier that he’s such a mysterious and quiet person. But I considered him as one of my best friend too. I appreciate him a lot. And I miss him as much as I miss Rico…

Nadia, I’m sorry Nad, I forgot your family name, she was my only cyber girlfriend. She’s an Argentinean, 2 years younger than me. She’s also had the same passion as the three of us: Football! She’s very beautiful, she even play soccer too. She gets along well with Rico, but not with Paulo. They always fight every time they met at the chat room. I once chat with them at the big room, when I ask them why they hate each other they start shouting each other, and I decide to stop the verbal war between them hahaha when I ask her personally why they hate each other, she said that Paulo was a jerk, but she can’t remember specifically what Paulo had done to her, but something for sure that he had done something that piss her off, even up till now. But she’s a nice person; I respect her as much as I respect Rico & Paulo. She also encouraged me just like what they did to me…

Vlado Vlaykov is his name, he’s a Bulgarian, I met him at the different room with Rico, Nadia, and Paulo. He loves football and Valentino Rossi too, that’s why I can chat with him many things about Rossi. But I think he’s truly madly deeply in love with Japanese Animation Captain Tsubasa hahaha yeah he is, up till now. Sometimes he talked about his girlfriend, he even sent me a Christmas e-card, he said, he knew that I’m not celebrating it but he just wanna share the joy with me. That was a very nice of him. I rare chat with him, since he doesn’t have a msn messenger. But ya know, I haven’t chat or even contact him with my email, but he’s surprisingly give a comment on my blog about my desperation, he said he don’t know exactly what happen to me but he know that I was trying to reach something impossible and then he encourage me that if we try there’s nothing impossible….

God, I was so grateful to have friends like them, to meet them, to find them…it’s been a year since the last contact with them, and now I miss them a lot. I wish I could chat with them again one more time….

I owe you guys so much, if only you read this blog, I just wanna say thanks a ton for being such a good friend of mine although we’ve never met in person. And I’m sorry that I rarely online and chat with you guys for the past 2 years but you guys will always live inside my heart, there are no one who could replace you guys. I have never met such a nice and sincere people like you guys though you’re only a cyber but to me you have become true friends, more real than some of those who come and go into my real life.


I love you guys ….


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