Culinary Tourism in Senggigi Area, Lombok

Another tourism spot in the eastern side of Indonesia is Lombok island. It is one of main tourism Object in Indonesia. The island that located in the east side of Bali island has some similarity with it’s neighbor, either in culture or the nature’s texture. So does the beach panorama, but the beaches in Lombok has more natural and more beautiful since there are not many night club there. One of the famous Beach in Lombok is Senggigi Beach. The beach, located in the north of Bangsal or about 12 kilometers northwest from Mataram city, is the most popular beach and well known for it’s beautiful panorama. It is spread out with it’s white shores for about 10 kilometers wide. This fabulous panorama will soothes your mind for a while from the routineness in the big city such as Jakarta.

There are lots of activities you can do here at The Senggigi Beach such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, swimming or having a culinary adventure. Lombok cuisine such as Ayam Taliwang and the vegetable Plecing Kangkung is as tempting as The Senggigi’s white sand. So if you dare to leave all of the beach activities, let’s prepare your empty stomach and of course the wallet or credit card since we’re heading to a famous restaurant at the Senggigi shore called The Lotus Restaurant.

The restaurant branches in Bali and Singapore is serving international and local cuisine. Here you can start by ordering a Cheese Samosa as an appetizer. It looks like other samosa in common but the difference is the cheese inside that melting once you bite it. The Cheese Samosa is served with Chutney Sauce made from fresh plum fruit cooked with chili and sugar. Next, you can order various kind of steak for the main course, for example Black Pepper Beef Steak or Chicken Cordon Bleu. If you want to taste the local cuisine, you should try The Betutu Chicken a specialty of Bali or you can also try Balinese Mixed Rice. For closing, you can order Apfelstrudel as desserts. It is a sour apple sauted with cinnamon powder, sugar and raisins, covered with pastry dough then baked it. Apfelstrudel is served with granulated sugar and vanilla ice cream. The price range in Lotus Restaurant is starts from IDR 20.000 up to IDR 200.000.

Batu Bolong Temple

Finished with the culinary travel we can also visit one tourism site called Pura Batu Bolong. Bolong means perforated or hole, and Batu means Rock, so it’s a huge rock that has a big hole in it. You can reach this site by walking for about 30 minutes while enjoying the sunset at The Senggigi beach. Pura Batu Bolong is a temple for Hindu Bali followers, the temple was built at the top of a coral cliff, just like the one in Tanah Lot Bali. A legend said that there used to be a place to sacrifice a virgin as a sharks’ meal there. Other legend said that many beautiful princesses in the past who jumped from the cliff because of broken hearts.

As one of Hindu Bali temple this temple was built directed to the Mount Agung in Bali which become The Hindu Bali follower’s holy place. This temple is located at a fabulous site, especially for those who want to enjoy the sunset. It’s more beautiful and not inferior to Bali’s Kuta beach.

Batu Layar

The next destination is Batu Layar. Located not far from Batu Bolong, there’s a grave of a Muslim leader. It is a holy place for the Wetu Telu Followers. Wetu Telu is a unique religion that blends Islam and Animism and is only found in the north Lombok. It roots stern from Bayan Village in the north. Batu Layar is lively visited during the “Lebaran Ketupat or Topat” Celebration. It a celebration for those who has fasting for a week after the Idul Fitri day.

Back to Senggigi, this tourism area becomes a hang out place for the youngsters across Lombok. Almost every Saturday night they will gather here just for hang out or rendezvous. Senggigi Beach has such a amazing coral reef. We can also enjoy the beauty of it’s underwater life. Not far from here, we can see the Mangsit beach which is also beautiful.



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