Kuta Food Center, Alternative place to eat at Kuta Street

Bali It’s not only a heaven for the surfers and the shoppers but also those who love to eat. For you who visit Bali for the first time, don’t be confused about where to eat with a cheap price accompanied by the hissing sound of Kuta Beach waves at night. Alongside of the Kuta Beach, you may find hundreds of cafe and restaurant, but there’s one place here that makes it different from any restaurant around it because of it’s uniqueness. Kuta Food Center (KFC), located not far from the Sahid Raya Hotel, has an open dining concept. It has similarity with the food courts we often find at the malls, but the different is KFC has no roof as you can see the bright beautiful Bali night’s Sky with starry nights above you. Well, yeah, an outdoor concept is offered here. Located in a quite crowded area and easy to find, usually many tourists are walking down the road to come here, makes KFC as one of favorite’s place to eat either for local or foreigner.

This place opens at 6 PM, once we reach the area, we will find a gate guard by 3 securities. Don’t worry they just do ordinary check just to make sure that this area is safe enough. Then when we entered the gate we will be welcomed by a strain of song from the live music stage right in the corner of the area. But don’t be surprised if the singer is singing out of tune, it’s no ordinary live music but it’s a live karaoke music. So, whoever wants to dedicate a song, KFC management provides the band with music instruments. All you got to do is just pick your favorite song and let the visitor to hear your voice. This live music also add the familiar atmosphere in this spacious food center.

After finding a place to seat, some waiters and waitresses will approach you to give the sheets of menu from each food stalls. The kind of foods that offered are quite various. From ordinary Indonesia’s traditional foods, Chinese Foods, Japanese Foods, Italian Foods to Western Foods, you can find them all here. What about the price? Don’t worry about it, the price is quite friendly with our wallet. There’s no big difference from the food stalls in the street but don’t worry it’s quite hygiene.

The other plus point of KFC is that we don’t need to leave our seats. All we need is just sit down, order the meal, enjoy the meal and when you finished or you want to have a side order well just call the waiter/waitresses and give them the bill with the money along with your order’s note. It’s totally served. Don’t be afraid they won’t neglect you because there are lots of waiter/waitresses ready to serve. You’ll feel like a King in here, because that’s how they treat the customer.

Other entertainment here besides the Live karaoke is the Big Screen television broadcast. Yeah, there are big white screen hanging near the gate where everybody can watch it. It’s just like one in the village where people usually watch a movie together. The KFC broadcasts international television programs. I suggest you to come to this place on Saturday night, there will be lots of people gathering not only for eating but they also watching football match broad casted by the sport channel. It’s a quite different sensation if we eat at other restaurant. As far as the eyes can see, it’s a friendly atmosphere that will make us want to order more foods so that we can hang out in this place a little longer. Kuta Food Center is one of reasons why Bali has become such an unforgettable place in the world.



3 thoughts on “Kuta Food Center, Alternative place to eat at Kuta Street

  1. isnt the Kuta Food Centre closed? or maybe ive mistaken the place with the other one…anyone have the map to get there? coz i havent seen any KFC along the Kuta Beach, except the one in Kuta Square.

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