Natural Tourism a la Jakarta Green Monster

Muara Angke is quite familiar for most of people in Jakarta, especially for those who loves to eat seafood cuisine. This place is just like heaven because you can choose your own raw materials such as fishes, shrimps, calamaries etc. But do you know about Angke Kapuk Tourism Park or Muara Angke Wild Life Reserve? Those two names are the most important, and maybe the only one, nature’s conservation area in Jakarta. Angke Kapuk Tourism park is a conservation area to mangrove’s ecosystem or the last Bakau Trees you could ever seen in Jakarta. Muara Angke Wild Life Reserve is a home for various kind of birds and other extinct faunas.

Jakarta Green Monster, a volunteer organization who care for the condition of the northern shore of Jakarta has an unique way to do a natural tourism. They offer a chance to anyone who wants to join the environment education tourism package to Muara Angke Wild Life Reserve and Rambut Island. The trip merely not only about going sight seeing for the nature’s beauty but it will also widen our knowledge about mangrove forest and other fauna.

If you’re interested in joining this nature’s tourism activities, there are some conditions you need to fulfilled, for example:

  • age, at least six years old

  • has a healthy body and mind

  • registered yourself two weeks before the trip

  • the number of participant is at least 10 persons and 20 persons at most

The tourism packages that offered are One Day Trip to Muara Angke, One Day Trip to Muara Angke and Rambut Island, and Two Days Trip to Muara Angke and Rambut Island. In One Day Trip to Muara Angke and Rambut Island, you will also pass the Khayangan Island, Kelor Island, Bidadari Island and Onrust Island, while The Two Days Trip is also include a visit to Untung Java Island.

The activities that usually performed during the trip are birdwatching, exploration of the wild life reserve, the tourism forest, and conservation forest’s exploration, and also sea grass and coral walks.

Since Jakarta Green Monster is also a community of bird’s research that care enough for the growth of Indonesia’s bird, the birdwatching is the main activity amongst all. According Jakarta Green Monster’s note, there are about 91 bird species in the Muara Angke Wild Life Reserve. They consist of 28 species of water bird and more less 63 species of forest bird. Among them there are 17 species that is protected.

Mean while, The Rambut Island is a heaven for birds that commute on islands around Jakarta. These birds were pushed to find a new home because of the high rate of pressure and environment damage in Muara Angke.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any binocular to do the birdwatching, Jakarta Green Monster will provide you the binocular rental, a guide to environment education, a guide module for the environment research, and research sheets. Besides that, you must prepare your personal luggage such as food and beverages, clothes etc. On their official site, Jakarta Green Monster is also call out for all participant to use a refillable package for example the drinking bottle or the food package since they will bring home the rubbish and it will also keep the location clean and help protect the ecology’s balance.

So if you want to have a tourism trip and preserve the nature all at once, don’t be hesitate to register yourself to:

Jakarta Green Monster

d.a fauna & Flora International – Indonesia Programme

Komplek laboratorium Pusat Universitas Nasional

Jl. Harsono RM No. 1, Ragunan – Jakarta Selatan

Telp: (021) 7800981/faks: (021) 7801024




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