Night at The Fatahillah Museum

When you hear the words “night” and “Museum” maybe the first thing that across your mind is spooky, quiet, cold and many others negative images. Especially if the museum here refers to The Jakarta Historical Museum or also known as The Fatahillah Museum. Well, as you can see, this museum stores many obscure events occurred in the past that can’t be separated from the history of Jakarta itself.

Moreover when we hear the term “A Night Tour” some of us must be wondering: is there any museum here in Jakarta that open at night? Well, it’s a common that most of museums in Jakarta were closed on 3 pm, whereas in Europe many museums that open until late at night, for example The British Museum in London that opens until 11 pm. This condition can be caused by the low interest rate of general public to visit the museums in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Sometimes, people only visit the museum during the study tour trip that usually held every once a year by their schools.

So, to ward off the spooky image, the museum that located at Jalan Taman Fatahillah No. 2 has taken the initiative to held a night tour program around the museum that used to be a Town Hall called Stadhuis and an office to The Netherlands East Indies Governor. As quoted from Wanita Indonesia Online, the building was built in January 25th 1707 and the first rock’s placement by Petronella Willemina Van Hoon, the daughter of General Governor Joan Van Hoon. The building that officially opened on July 10th 1710, imitated the Town Hall in Amsterdam that has classical baroque architecture style.

If we take look back to it’s history, well, it’s quite makes us shivered. Because there is a dungeon inside the museum that used to be a place for people who broke the rule against the Netherlands East Indies Government. Then, as quoted from government tourism board’s website, the spacious land in front of the building was the silent witness of the hang execution of thousand Chinese people who rebelled against the Netherlands East Indies Government on 1740.

The night tour program in this museum usually opens on weekends and not everyone can join it. You must registered yourself earlier because the museum management limits the number of participant. For you who are curious on how the Fatahillah Museum looks at night time, you just need to spend IDR70.000 only. It is quite expensive compared to the museum entrance fee at normal visit that only costs IDR2000 for adult and IDR500 for children.

But, it is guaranteed that you won’t regret it, because by paying IDR70.000 you’ll get a dinner, entrance ticket, pin, tour guide, and chance to watch an old movie. The night tour usually starts from 18.30 pm and end by 22.00 pm.

The tour took a quite unique route, the route includes some spooky rooms such as the prisoner’s room, decapitation punishment’s room, and whip punishment’s rooms. The unique thing is that these rooms have become the most interesting point for the participants who’s number up to 50 persons per tour.

So if you want to have a new experience on exploring the museum, try the night tour at The Fatahillah Museum. For registration and info you can contact 021 – 9970 – 0131.



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