For my friend

I made this post for my friend, or my co-worker in the office actually. Yesterday, just some minutes before the working hour ended, a message pop in to my chat box.  Oh,  it’s from across the room, my partner.  He said today was the day where he should sign a contract with the new job, a leading printed foreign language media in Jakarta, which is I know a really promising one. but, then he said he canceled it because he got a news that his father in his hometown is ill.  When I read the message, the only thing that ran through my mind was “oh he’s gonna make it up on the other day” but then I was wrong.  He absoultely canceled it, he won’t sign any contract. I was so surprised.

He said he need about five days to go home and see his father’s doing and back again to Jakarta. Meanwhile, the new job couldn’t wait. They want him start on Monday. There’s no compensation. That’s tough. A promising job and the other is parents. I can’t say a word. I was so surprised and sad of course to hear all of this, because I know how he must took several tests to reach the end. But, when the door is right in front of our eyes, it is open and we’re ready to step out, it closed. It’s heart breaking. Plans are just plans.

The ironic is, the resignation letter had already handed out to the HRD manager which was also had been approved by our CEO. That’s what I’m worrying about, will my partner could draw the letter and back to work again as usual. He said he’s working on it, gonna send a notification email to the manager in hoping to reconsider his resignation. I feel sorry when hearing this. Instead of achieving a new job, he might lost a job. Again, I can’t say a word.

I told him, I were him I probably just cry. I hate when things aren’t going the way I want them to be. Well, I know human can only make plans, plans and many more plans in their life, but again, God is the top executor.

To my friend Robert, just be patient, you’re life is on a test. Just do more pray and get yourself close to God. It might sound cliche but by praying, we could be more stronger than we thought, in facing life. Maybe the job is not meant for you, or maybe there is even greater waiting next. Hey, we would never know what’s gonna happen in the future. Just don’t give up in trying.

Wow, these words actually like speaking to me, to  myself at this moment. “Just don’t give up trying…”

Sounds fit for me…

Hey, that’s the coolest words ever came up in my brain that really fits me and strangely, they answer the dead end in my brain today.

One thought on “For my friend

  1. Dear Weetha…sampaikan kepada temenmu ya bahwa segala sesuatu sudah diatur dan dibuat skenarionya oleh TUHAN, kita tinggal menjalankan saja sebagai pemeran. Jadi jika ada halangan di hadapan kita, berarti bukan itu yang harus diperankan, tapi peran yang lain…ufh..percayalah yang lebih baik akan datang kepada anak yang berbakti pada orangtuanya.

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