Finding Adam Collins

From out of nowhere, your name popped out in my mind.

I open the box of memory and find you there, a tiny piece of memory sitting in the corner of my mind.

You just stand still with the letters we used to share.

Then I remember those days when you were always said those sweet things
I miss the way how you always miss me
The jealousy, the soft words are all run to my head as I read your letter again

Now that I remember you, I feel so sorry that I swept you away that day
The day where I decided to give away my heart to someone else
Now, that I try to find you…
You seem to be vanished by time I type your name
I know it’s too late…

Well, if I can’t find you now…
How I wish that you can find me someday
So, that I can say that I am truly sorry

And now I can say with all my heart… I do miss you Adam Collins



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