Thousand Miles to Dagobah

It’s been a week and I haven’t written any post. My apology :D. Well, let’s start it!

The long awaited time had finally arrived. On Friday, September 20th 2011, I left my lovely Jakarta for ITALIA!! Yep, I am pursuing my master degree in this country. It took 18 hours flight from Jakarta to Rome.  We stopped at Doha, Qatar for three hours.  It wass great to see the other part of the world.

Have I imagine to ever living in this country? truthfully, hmm…nope. England is my dream ever. However, destiny has brought me to the other way.

Studying in Italy has never crossed my mind. I love the football and food. But, living among the society and their culture is something that is beyond my imagination.  When I saw Rome from up above the plane, I couldn’t believe myself that I have travelled thousands of miles, leaving my family and all my daily life behind. It’s really something.

Not that I never left them. In fact, this is the second time I left home for study. The difference is  that 13 years ago, I was only hundred miles away and I can still see them by train.

I’m gonna miss my family. My parents, my sister, brother, my dearest nephew Aimar and my cats and all my family members and friends who have sent their prayers and kindnesses for me. I love you all.

Anyhow, it’s a new cultures, new friends, new life, and new experience. I am adjusting to all of these things. Happy and sad thing do happen but hey, Henry David Thoreau said “Things don’t change, we change”.

Now, I’m here in Calabria, it’s my Dagobah System. Just like Luke Skywalker who trained hard to be a true jedi knight. I am ready and hope to meet lots of Master Yoda here. A true jedi I hope to be.

UNICAL 2011: Yes, we can!! Photo Credit: El Fuser

And, yes, I never thought that I can go…this far but I will survive :).

Have a blissful Sunday,

Ciao from Rende, Italy



Thanks to my roomate, Unique, for the pictures.


7 thoughts on “Thousand Miles to Dagobah

  1. hai mb Wita….selamat ya, sdh posting lagi….kalau dari fotonya, itu rombongan penerima beasiswa nya ya? dari Indonesia berapa orang? cerita2 dong tentang proses beasiswa nya, dapat dari mana? mungkin bisa bermanfaat buat anak2 ku…hehe…kalau aku udah ketuaan kali yaa….

    sukses selalu beserta mb…take care yaaa….

  2. Wow, Wita, duluan kamu berangkat yaa… hehe.. ditunggu postingannya tentang Italia, terutama kalo maen ke Turin ya, aku pengen banget ke sana, ke stadiun Juventus yang lama, Delle Alpi 🙂

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